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Air Pac Enterprises Ltd. carries out sandblasting and protective coating services for a number of different projects. Some of these applications include pressure vessels, spool pipes, skid packages, oilfield service equipment, structural steel, trusses, wastewater infrastructure, public art and architectural finishes, pipes and pipeline risers, API tanks, acid tanks, bins and silos, waterworks, valves and fire hydrants, concrete, and swimming pool rehabilitations.


Air Pac carries out sandblasting services throughout Calgary, Alberta, and also internationally. We specialize in providing industrial customers with sandblasting solutions, with a focus on companies who operate in the oil and gas, wastewater, and construction sectors. Our 3,000 square foot all-weather sandblasting facility allows us to take on…

Protective Coating

Air Pac provides protective coating services for oil and gas equipment, transportation infrastructure, wastewater treatment plants, and other commercial projects in Calgary and the surrounding areas. We have been entrusted with executing protective coating projects for the Pengrowth SAGD oil sands facility, the Stoney Trail expansion, the…

Combining capacity and capability

Air Pac can help protect, restore, and beautify large industrial equipment using our 4.75-acre facility. We have 12,000 square feet of heated indoor coating capacity and a 3,000 square foot all-weather sandblasting facility, enabling us to work throughout the year and execute projects 365 days a year. Contact us today to find out more about how we can protect your critical assets. 

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